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That Was Then: KRDO 1240

That Was Then: KRDO 1240

Feb 1, 2011 1:00 AM, By Erin Shipps, associate editor

When Vern Thompson opened his November issue of Radio magazine, he turned to his favorite page: Sign Off. There he saw his friend Mike Moore. Thompson lives about 8 miles north of Moore’s station (WLOE). He decided to send us a photo of his own. Vern wrote, “It was taken during my days at Colorado College while working at KRDO 1240 in Colorado Springs. It was owned by Joe Rohrer. He acquired WLCX in La Crosses after leaving KRDO. Whenever I had a problem at my stations KBBV/KTOT at Big Bear Lake, CA, I would ask, ‘What would Joe do?’ The control room and Studio A and the 250W RCA transmitter pictured here was taken from Studio B. The 175′ free-standing tower was located a block away on the roof of the Antlers Hotel garage fed by a long coax. KRDO had mobile two-way radio cars, a city bus fixed up as a mobile studio and control room with an ART-13, a 100W transmitter on 2,790kHz, to send the programming to the studio.”

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