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The 2008 NAB Show, a Review

The 2008 NAB Show, a Review

Jun 1, 2008 12:00 PM

The Pick Hits of the 2008 NAB Show

The Radio magazine Pick Hits of the 2008 NAB Show are the top 15 new products of the convention as selected by the magazine’s Pick Hits panel….

New Products from the 2008 NAB Show

New products from the 2008 NAB Show from AEQ, Arrakis, Audio-Technica, Belden, Broadcast Devices, Broadcast Electronics, Clear-Com Systems, Comrex, Continental Electronics, Deva Broadcast, Edirol, ESE, Harris, HHB, Holophone, Klotz Digital, Nautel, Orban, Pristine Systems, RCS, Sealevel, Sonifex, Vorsis, V-Soft Communications and Wideorbit….

Radio magazine’s 2008 NAB Photo Blog

The sights of the 2008 NAB Show captured by the staff and contributors of Radio magazine….

Technology Spotlight: Embedded Exporter

Announced during the 2008 NAB Show, creating the embedded Exporter was a joint effort of the NAB HD Radio Technology Advancement Task Force and Ibiquity, and included the participation of Broadcast Electronics, Continental, Harris and Nautel….

After months of planning, the 2008 NAB Show has come and gone. This year, the convention carried a reformatted name as the NAB Show. The tagline Where Content Comes to Life was also added, which stresses the focus on content creation that is a significant part of the Central and South Hall exhibits.

The North Hall included the radio/audio exhibits once again, which has become familiar territory for radio attendees. While the technology on display covered a wide range, digital radio was again the predominant theme. This covers not only the transmission aspect of HD Radio, but the digital elements of audio processing and routing, and data management and distribution. IP audio was also omnipresent. The technical sessions echoed these ideas as well.

Because of the size of the convention, it’s likely you did not make it to every corner of the exhibits. That’s where Radio magazine can help. Through our product wrap-up you can catch up on some of the items you missed. We also previewed a great number of products in our March and April issues, as well as in the NAB Insider e-mail newsletter.

You’ll also find the best summary of product introductions in the Radio magazine Pick Hits. First presented in 1985, the Pick Hits are the top 15 new products at the convention as chosen by a panel of radio broadcast engineers. We also tell you who the panelists are and give you the rules they followed to determine their choices. No other convention award does that, which shows the integrity of the Pick Hits.

And for a taste of the sights from the 2008 NAB Shows, look for selections from the Radio magazine Photo Blog, too.

We’ll include more new products from the convention in upcoming issues of Radio magazine, including our annual Product Source, which is published in September.