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Tools for installing and maintaining an HD Radio system

Tools for installing and maintaining an HD Radio system

Nov 1, 2006 12:00 PM

Ibiquity continues to develop the tools and resources available to stations adopting HD Radio technology. Likewise, the HD Radio Engineering Alliance, an engineering extension of the HD Digital Radio Alliance, has pooled its resources to provide more information to stations working with HD Radio.

Ibiquity recently released four white papers that cover networking assessments for HD Radio, which are posted to the Ibiquity website with many other documents that provide useful information to stations making the HD Radio transition.

HD Radio Data Network Requirements

Timothy Anderson, Ibiquity Digital

Minimizing network-induced dropouts is a prime consideration for the successful implementation of an HD Radio system. This document aids the station engineer in the integration and connection of networked components necessary for the HD Radio Advanced Application Services, specifically multicasting.

HD Radio Networking Implementation Recommendations

Kurt VanderSluis, MTM Technologies

Ibiquity Digital contracted MTM Technologies to provide specific recommendations for the construction and provisioning of HD Radio STL systems. This study covers the nature, resiliency and failure modes of the digital transmissions under adverse network conditions in a controlled lab setting and field surveys of several radio stations using Ibiquity technology in production settings with varying degrees of success.

HD Radio Networking Best Practices

Trieu Vu, MTM Technologies

MTM Technologies provided specific recommendations for the construction network required for the successful implementation of HD Radio technology. This paper defines network devices, their functions and their role in a network. It also contains recommendations on deployment, location and proper use of various networking components to ensure reliability.

SAFE: A Secure Blueprint for Enterprise Security

Sean Convery and Bernie Trudel, Cisco Systems

Cisco’s secure blueprint for enterprise networks (SAFE) provides best practice information on designing and implementing secure networks.

Access the papers online at

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