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Traditional Radio Still Strong With Millennials

Traditional Radio Still Strong With Millennials

Mar 1, 2014 8:00 AM, By Chriss Scherer, editor

3,014 respondents, 12+90%
of online Americans
listen to AM/FM radio53%
of online Americans
listen to Internet radio18-34 segment of respondents89%
of online 18-34 y/o Americans
listen to AM/FM radio90%
of online 18-34 y/o Americans
listen to Internet radioPercentage of 18-34 y/o listening to:Personalized Radio
67%Streaming Live
41%On-Demand Music

In Fall 2013, Edison Research released a research project called The New Mainstream on behalf of the Streaming Audio Task Force, which is a consortium of Pandora, Spotify and TuneIn. Edison has added to the report results with data from the study among the 18-34 demographic.

The study shows – not surprisingly – that changes in media consumption are more obvious in the younger age groups. The study shows that in every location of listening outside the car, online 18-34s are more likely to listen to online radio (including the streams of AM/FM stations) than radio from a traditional transmitter. The study attributes this change to the proliferation of smart phones.

The study also shows that Internet radio usage does not lead to a wholesale abandonment of traditional radio.

Source: Edison Research, The New Mainstream.

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