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Wall-wart Plugs

Wall-wart Plugs

Jun 1, 2010 12:00 PM, By Chriss Scherer

Tech Tips, June 2010

Michael Bradford also wrote that one of his clients called late one Sunday night to inform him that �sometime during the past few days �� the Sine Systems remote control had refused to answer calls at the transmitter site. He climbed into his trusty 4WD pickup and headed for the site.

Upon arrival, he found the wall-wart power supply for the Sine Systems unit had simply fallen out of the outlet on the rear of the UPS system. He noticed that the little power supply actually tilted backward because there was no support to keep it in place.

That is when he obtained a Furman PlugLock five-outlet plug-strip from BSW. This plug strip has metal brackets that are adjustable for various size wall-warts and allows them to be securely clamped in place. The cord is grounded and heavy-duty and the mounting holes permit several mounting configurations. He chose to mount his on the side-rails of the Middle Atlantic rack at the transmitter site.

Now the various wall-warts are secure and don’t take up two outlet spaces because the outlets on the PlugLock plug-strip are rotated 90 degrees so the supplies mount side-by-side. He recommends the PlugLock for any location, remote or not, that uses now-famous wall-wart power supplies.

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