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Wired audio transport at NAB2001

Wired audio transport at NAB2001

Jun 1, 2001 12:00 PM, By Kent Kramer, CBRE

Orban has entered the audio codec market with the Opticodec 7000 and 7400. The 7400 is a 2RU codec that supports a possible six ISDN �B� channels depending on the configuration.

The Opticodec 7000 is a portable codec that supports many of the same features, but adds a waveform editor with full tape transport controls and tapeless recording via PC flash memory cards.

Harris Intraplex showed the Intralink-IP. Shown last year as a concept product, the Intralink-IP will ship later this year. The Intralink-IP provides a bi-directional audio or data path over a 10/100Base-T network.

Comrex is now shipping the GSM module for the Matrix codec.

In addition to its other codecs, AETA Audio demonstrated the Scoop E-Z. The Scoop E-Z has a two-channel mixer and operates on POTS, ISDN, GSM and satellite (Inmarsat).

The Telos Zephyr Xstream, Xstream MX and Xstream MXP were introduced (see Pick Hits, page 42). The Xstream includes all of the original Zephyr functions and adds new features: MPEG 2 AAC, IP/Ethernet connectivity for remote control, software upgrades and audio streaming and DSP audio processing (in the MX and MXP only) based on the Omnia audio processor. The Xstream is also capable of auto negotiating the algorithm of incoming calls.

Software Authority presented version 5.0 of its Zephyr Remote software. It also supports the Xtream codecs.

JK Audio showed several products aimed at simplifying remote broadcasts. The Remote Mix Sport now features a wireless telephone interface. Wireless phone connections are possible for owners of older Remote Mix products. The newly introduced Daptor One converts the headset jack on a cellular phone to an RJ-11 jack for connection to any of the Remote Mix interfaces (see Pick Hits, page 42).

Musicam USA, manufacturers of the CDQPrima codec series, introduced the Voyager, a POTS codec capable of low delay (100ms) with bi-directional 15kHz mono audio at bit rates as low as 24kb/s. Musicam USA is now the exclusive North American distributor of the AudioTX Communicator software codec. Operating on any modern laptop with a sound card, the AudioTX Communicator can communicate with any other codec via ISDN.

Audio Processing Technology showed the full duplex, multi-channel, multi-algorithm audio codec, the WorldNet Rio-X21.

Kent Kramer is engineering manager for Big City Radio, Los Angeles.