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WNOX Knoxville

WNOX Knoxville

Sep 1, 2009 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

Sign Off, Sep 2009

That was then

WNOX was the eighth radio station to sign on the air in North America and the first in Tennessee, according to Ed Hooper, author of Knoxville’s WNOX. Its AM signal could be heard as far south as Daytona Beach and as far north as New York City in the day of uncluttered airwaves. It helped write the book on radio broadcasts and productions with programs like the �Mid-Day Merry-go-round� and the �Tennessee Barn Dance.� Knoxville’s WNOX is the companion book to Knoxville’s WIVK (see Sign Off in the August 2008 issue of Radio magazine) and loaded with a number of old photographs from the 1930s to today.

If you’re near Knoxville, be sure to attend the Dec. 5, 2009, launch party at Barnes and Noble from 12 p.m. – 4 p.m. It will feature a host of people connected to the legendary station.

Purchase Knoxville’s WNOX.

Bernie Quayle, control room

Traffic Director Hubert Carter in the old days

The crowd on Gay Street waiting for the “Mid-Day Merry-go-round” to open.

Lowell Blanchard

Spike Jones (front, left), Country Music DJ Hall of famer Eddie Hill (front, center) and others

Antique radios

Steve Johnson has an extensive collection of antique radios. We highlight a few of the more interesting items….