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Radio World Photo of the Week

Don Kennedy learns the ropes

Grab your smartphone or camera and send us a photo that captures the fun, romance, history and excitement of being in radio. Email us with “Photo of the Week” in the subject line.

Don Kennedy sends us this golden oldie. He describes it as: “This is a photo of an 18-year-old Don Kennedy at the Raytheon control board of WBVP(AM), Beaver Falls, Pa., in 1948.” He adds, “The station had just gone on the air so everything was new including the 1948 version of RCA’s 16-inch turntable with a separate Western Electric arm for playing vertical transcriptions. The W.E. could also play lateral, but the lighter arms were available then for use in playing lateral transcriptions and 78s. When microgroove and 45s became common, the pickup arm was changed to one with two switchable styli. While this is not a good shot of the battleship-like Raytheon board, it does indicate the simplicity. The board had a separate wall-mounted power supply and in the mode of WW II development, used rugged metal tubes.” Radio World invites your radio facility photos, whether fun, scary or educational. Email [email protected].