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Special Series: Radio in the New Dashboard

The car dashboard, where AM/FM radio sat for decades like royalty on a throne, is being revolutionized. What is radio’s future in the car? Radio World is exploring that question in a series of articles.

Audi Drives Infotainment Upgrade

Audi recently upgraded its infotainment platform to include more Internet radio options as well as other changes (April 2015). 

The Connected Car Takes Its Place

Valerie Shuman writes that discussions in the automotive industry ecosystem have moved well past debates about whether customers really want to connect their smartphones to their cars, and on to talks about the vehicle as the “most capable wearable” device. (July 2014)

Your Radio Is an App 

Radio engineer Shane Toven writes about what this means for you. (April 2014)

AM Radio: Where Do We Go From Here?

Joe D’Angelo of iBiquity Digital says digital radio transmission provides a potential long-term solution for AM radio’s survival. (Sept. 2013)

Start Steering in the Connected Car

Commentary by industry consultant Fred Jacobs (Sept. 2013)

TTN’s Dash for a Better Dash

Jeff Littlejohn and Kevin Loftus of Clear Channel’s Total Traffic Network talk about balancing ‘cost-effective,’ ‘ubiquitous’ and ‘safe’ as systems advance rapidly (Sept. 2013)

Shuman Eyes Evolving Digital Dashboard

A conversation with Valerie Shuman, who as a management consultant and an executive of the Connected Vehicle Trade Association, is right in the middle of the evolving digital dashboard discussion. (Sept. 2013)

‘Connected’ Car Means Different Things

Excerpts of testimony by Mitch Bainwol of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers (July 2013)

Dashboard Has Become a ‘Wild West’
Rising cellphone use in cars, longer commute times and the introduction of newer tech in the dashboard are creating a wild, wild west atmosphere that’s hard even for automakers to navigate, according to consumer electronics and auto experts. (May 2013)

‘No One Has Figured It Out’
Roger Lanctot of Strategy Analytics is an automotive technology analyst. He reminds traditional broadcasters of a core strength: their local infrastructure. (April 2013)

Simmons of Aha on Radio’s Place in the Dash
The vice president of content and marketing for Aha by Harman says carmakers should modernize, not abandon, the car radio model. (April 2013)

He’s Ford’s Man for Apps
An interview with Julius Marchwicki, global product manager for Ford Sync AppLink. (March 2013)