... And Frequency Media Used in Latin Awards Event

... And Frequency Media Used in Latin Awards Event
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Meanwhile, Frequency Media said association Radio Y Programacion - in English called the Radio Promo Group - is using electronically monitored airplay information to help determine the winners of its Latin radio awards, Premios Radio Y Programacion.
Frequency Media uses monitoring technology of its parent company, Mediaguide, which was formed in 2002 with ASCAP.
"Receiving airplay data on almost 200 Latin stations through Mediaguide's 'audio fingerprinting' technology, Frequency Media now serves Radio Y Programacion with airplay information detailing the top Latin songs being broadcast in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North and South Carolina, Tennessee and other states each week," the company stated.
It will calculate which stations, programmers and DJs play Tejano, Tropical, regional Mexican and Spanish contemporary songs using the airplay information to determine the award winners.