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... And Gets More Work in Iraq ...

... And Gets More Work in Iraq ...
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From the Radio World Who's Buying What page:
Harris said it has been awarded a three-month, $22 million contract by the Iraqi Media Network for work involving the country's public radio and TV broadcasting organization. Funding is by the Iraqi government, the company said.
The contract includes training, programming support, systems integration and deployment work. An earlier IMN contract with Harris was completed this month; it had been awarded a year ago by the U.S. Defense Contracting Command. That one involved broadcast and printing equipment, broadcast studio and transmission systems design and integration, network operations and employee training.


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‘Freedom Radio’ Plays Out in Iraq

While broadcasters around the world have focused on telling folks back home what’s happening on the ground in the war in Iraq, the uniformed reporters and on-air personalities of the Armed Forces Network-Iraq in Baghdad have a more urgent audience to serve: the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines of the multinational force on or near the front lines.