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100 Children Recovered Via Amber

100 Children Recovered Via Amber

Amber Alerts have led to the return of 100 abducted children, according to federal officials.
They cited the recovery of a 2-year-old boy in DeMotte, Ind., as the 100th since the program’s inception seven years ago, “with over half of all recoveries since President Bush’s call to action in the fall of last year at a White House Conference on Missing and Exploited Children.”
In this case, officials said, “the woman accused of abducting her non-custodial son surrendered to the police after realizing the Amber was in full force and she would be found.”
There are 45 statewide plans, 32 of which have been implemented in the past year. A National Training Conference on Amber was held in Dallas in August. State coordinators will meet this fall to review technology that could enhance the system.

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