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$10,000 EAS Fine for Suh

$10,000 EAS Fine for Suh

T he FCC has fined Jean Suh $10,000 for several EAS violations at Washington stations KSUH(AM), Puyallup and KWYZ(AM), Everett, which have co-located studios. Suh was cited for failure to have a working EAS encoder/decoder, failure to conduct the required tests, and failure to post the Antenna Structure Registration number so it is easily seen on or near the base of the KWYZ tower.
On one inspection in 2001, field agents found the EAS equipment was installed, but set to manual, and the operator on duty at the time did not know how to use it. On different inspections in 2003, field agents noted the other violations.
Originally, Suh was fined $22,000, which included amounts for re-painting the KSUH tower.
Suh later said the EAS unit has been modified to facilitate automatic retransmission of EAS tests and alerts, and that an EAS log had been established. She originally believed she owned the towers for both stations, but then realized she did not. Suh only owns the KYWZ tower. Citing financial hardship, Suh asked for the fine to be cut to $3,000.
The FCC removed the violations pertaining to the KSUH tower, establishing Suh was not the owner, finalized the penalty at $10,000.