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11 Station Streams Make November Ratings

Of 591 'digital' stations — meaning Internet streams as well as HD Radio — that are eligible to encode, 467 are doing so.

In reporting its latest Portable People Meter numbers this week, Arbitron said 11 radio station Web streams made the November ratings book.

The stations are WHTZ-IF, New York; WABC-IA, Nassau-Suffolk, N.Y.; KDAY-IF, Riverside-San Bernardino, Calif.; KOST-IF, Los Angeles; KDFC-IF and KSFO-IA, San Jose; WAOK-IA, WVEE-IF and WWWQ-IF, Atlanta; and WLS-IA and WVAZ-IF, Chicago.

As we reported earlier this year, in Arbitron’s new nomenclature, “IA” stands for an Internet stream of an AM station and “IF” stands for the Internet stream of an FM station.

The company includes radio station Internet streams and HD Radio stations in its “digital” definition. Arbitron said of a total of 591 digital stations eligible to encode, 467 are doing so and are ready for reporting.

That 467 breaks down as 301 AM/FM Web streams; 113 HD2s; 34 HD2 and Web streams; 13 HD3; and six HD3 and Web streams.

To be included in the digital station count, stations must meet the minimum reporting standard of a .495 Weekly Cume Rating.

Internet-only stations and podcasts are not included in the audience estimates, nor are non-encoded streams of out-of-market radio stations.