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$16,000 Due For EAS, Tower Violations

$16,000 Due For EAS, Tower Violations

Barnstable Broadcasting owes the U.S. Treasury $16,000 by Jan. 4 for EAS and tower violations. Barnstable did not dispute the fine, levied by the FCC for Des Moines FM stations KGGO and KJJY. The commission stated in the Forfeiture Order that the company failed to determine why the stations were not receiving EAS tests and did not keep a log of the missed tests, maintain tower lighting or notify the FAA when the tower lights were out. Barnstable has since sold the stations to Wilks broadcasting and disputes the commission’s view that Barnstable prematurely transferred control of the station to Wilks under a time brokerage agreement. Barnstable successfully argued that its station manager had a “meaningful managerial presence” and so the FCC struck that notation from the record.