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1981’s ‘History of Rock and Roll’ Available to Stations

1981's 'History of Rock and Roll' Available to Stations

Ken R. LLC has acquired the 1981 stereo multi-hour radio documentary, “The History of Rock and Roll” and is making it available to broadcasters or hobbyists on a cash basis. XM Satellite Radio was the first buyer of the show.
Ken R. is also a contributor to Radio World, which is not involved in the venture.
Originally produced by Drake-Chenault and voiced by programmer Bill Drake, the show’s 36 hours cover rock and roll from the mid-1950s through 1981, with hours dedicated to artists including Elvis, The Beatles, Elton John, Michael Jackson and others.
“This is not an aircheck or a scoped program; it includes full versions of the original hits interspersed with frequent short interviews with the artists who made them,” the company stated. “No commercials are included in the show, which is delivered on CD, and each hour is actually 53 minutes to allow local spots or other content.”
The program is sold on a non-exclusive basis, but can be run repeatedly with no time limit. It can be aired as individual hours, all at once, or in any order.
Details of each hour including featured artists and segment lengths are available at the web site. A 13-minute scoped demo and downloadable full-color artwork are available at the site.
Purchasers are responsible for all ASCAP and BMI payments.
Info: click here.