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200+ LPFM CPs Granted This Week

Several applications were dismissed, too

By our count, the FCC granted construction permits for another 210 low-power FMs this week.

Most were granted Wednesday (71) and Thursday (62).

The public has 30 days to file petitions to deny for the granted LPFM CPs.

Twenty-two applications for LPFMs were dismissed; the majority of those happened on Monday, with REC networks filing objections to many of those applications.

At last count, we reported some 500 CPs had been granted; this would conservatively push that figure to 700+.

One of the LPFM CPs was granted to the Chinese Culture and Art Heritage Foundation in San Francisco. The organization told the FCC it successfully filed one application on Nov. 14, 2013, one day before the deadline. CCAHF then deleted that application and then tried to file a replacement that included an amendment; the group says it couldn’t file the second app in time.

The Media Bureau confirms its records show that because of limitations with its electronic database filing system during the deadline, CCAHF couldn’t amend its application online. The bureau accepted the original application, but says there’s no evidence the amendment was filed on time. The bureau told CCAHF it’s returning the amendment, but notes LPFM applicants can now file minor amendments to their Form 318 applications.