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20,000 Radios Later …

RFE/RL completes distribution to remote and rural areas in Afghanistan

U.S. broadcasting officials say Radio Azadi has finished handing out 20,000 portable radios in Afghanistan.

The radios are made by Eton Corp. and can be powered by the sun or hand cranking. Radio Azadi is a service of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty,

The project is intended to help people in rural and remote areas, where illiteracy rates are high. “Thousands of Afghan schoolchildren, refugees, nomads and people living in remote villages have better access to news and information today than they did three months ago,” RFE/RL stated.

“The first delivery took place at a refugee camp near Kabul,” according to RFE/RL.

“Since then, Radio Azadi has handed out radios to internally displaced persons at other camps, including the Shaidaye refugee camp east of Herat and the Mukhtar camp in Helmand.”

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