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Auction Attracts Long List of Gear

Will bidders follow? Bids close next week in first online Bayliss benefit

FM transmitters, AM transmitters, Optimods, consoles, Harmonizers, DAT machines, patch bays, Marti receivers — and that’s just on the first listings page.

I checked in with Kit Hunter Franke to see how things are going with the first online auction fundraiser to benefit the John R. Bayliss Foundation.

“So far, so good,” Kit replied. “I can tell you that we’ve seen the number of bids increasing as the word about the auction gets out to people looking for a ‘great deal’ on a variety of broadcast equipment. The fact that there are no minimum bids or reserves posted on the items allows the serious buyer to bid on many items or just on the one item his or her heart desires.

“As you know this is the Bayliss Foundation’s first online auction so we’re learning the ‘ropes’ as we move through this process.” She says if this is successful, they’d like to host auctions several times a year.

“It’s a win-win event. Winning bidders get what they want and we raise funds for our 2010 scholarship and internship programs.”

The organizers expect a flurry of activity at the end of the auction, which is Aug. 12. If you’re reading this blog entry and are a broadcast gear head, there’s probably something of interest to you on that auction page.

“You might direct your readers to the acoustic guitar that was signed by CMA artists in 1994 by Kenny Chesney, Naomi Judd and Ricky Skaggs among others,” Kit told me.

“Another item is the AM transmitter (RCA BTA5 F) item #10171. This transmitter is as big as a living room wall (as seen in the picture on the auction site) and is located in the San Diego area. It was installed at KOGO Radio (600 AM) in 1948 and the engineer who did the installation is still alive. It was last on air in 1996. John Rigg is the chief engineer at the station now.”

Bidding closes on the first item on Wednesday Aug. 12 at 1 p.m. and then closes five items per minute thereafter.