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2016 NAB Crystal Radio Awards Announced

A total of 50 finalists have been announced for the 29th annual 2016 NAB Crystal Radio Awards. The Crystal Radio Awards recognize radio stations for their commitment to community service.

Here is the complete list of this year’s finalists:

  • KBHP(FM), Bemidji, Minn.
  • KCLY(FM), Clay Center, Kan.
  • KCVM(FM), Cedar Falls, Iowa
  • KDKA(AM), Pittsburgh
  • KFOR(AM), Lincoln, Neb.
  • KIKV(FM), Alexandria, Minn.
  • KJYO(FM), Oklahoma City
  • KNDE(FM), College Station, Texas
  • KNX(AM), Los Angeles
  • KPEK(FM), Albuquerque, N.M.
  • KPRS(FM), Kansas City, Mo.
  • KRLC(AM), Lewiston, Idaho
  • KSL(FM), Salt Lake City
  • KSSK(FM), Honolulu
  • KSTP(FM), Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn.
  • KTAR(FM), Phoenix
  • KTMY(FM), Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn.
  • KVTY(FM), Lewiston, Idaho
  • KWON(AM), Bartlesville, Okla.
  • KXKT(FM), Omaha, Neb.
  • KXLG(FM), Watertown, S.D.
  • WBAB(FM), Long Island, N.Y.
  • WBMX(FM), Boston
  • WCCO(AM), Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn.
  • WCDK(FM), Weirton, W.Va.
  • WDNS(FM), Bowling Green, Ky.
  • WHEN(AM), Syracuse, N.Y.
  • WHKO(FM), Dayton, Ohio
  • WHUR(FM), Washington
  • WIBC(FM), Indianapolis, IN
  • WJBR(FM), Wilmington, Del.
  • WJJY(FM), Brainerd, Minn.
  • WKIS(FM), Miami
  • WKML(FM), Fayetteville, N.C.
  • WKQI(FM), Detroit
  • WKRQ(FM), Cincinnati
  • WLLK(FM), Somerset, Ky.
  • WLQK(FM), Cookeville, Tenn.
  • WMSI(FM), Jackson, Miss.
  • WMT(AM), Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • WPLR(FM), Milford, Conn.
  • WRLT(FM), Nashville, Tenn.
  • WSCR(AM), Chicago
  • WSHE(FM), Chicago
  • WTMJ(AM), Milwaukee
  • WWJ(AM), Detroit
  • WXMA(FM), Louisville, Ky.
  • WXTU(FM), Philadelphia
  • WYCT(FM), Pensacola, Fla.
  • WZUS(FM), Decatur, Ill.

All finalists were selected by a panel of judges from broadcasting, community service organizations and public relations firms.

The winners will be announced at the NAB Radio Luncheon, which will take place on April 19 during the 2016 NAB Show in Las Vegas.