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212 Bidders Approved for FM Auction

212 Bidders Approved for FM Auction

The Media Bureau and the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau of the FCC have identified 212 applicants as qualified to bid in the upcoming auction for 171 FM broadcast construction permits. Bidding in Auction No. 62 is scheduled to begin on Jan. 12.
Among the approved bidders are Cumulus, Entravision, First Media Radio, Shamrock Communications and Vermont Public Radio.
Round results will be available approximately 10 minutes after the close of each round. The commission will set the pace of the auction based upon its monitoring of the bidding and its assessment of the auction’s progress. All subsequent schedule changes will be made by announcement via the FCC Auction System during the course of the auction.
Bidding will be temporarily suspended for the Jan. 16 Martin Luther King Jr. holiday and resume Jan. 17.