230 Million People Can't Be Wrong

230 Million People Can't Be Wrong
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The latest bird's eye statistics about radio from Arbitron, to tuck away for your next research report:
Over the course of a typical week, radio reached over 94 percent of Persons 18+ who live in a household with an income of $75,000 or more;
Ninety-four percent of college grads listened to radio, as compared to 91 percent of people who did not go to college.
Eighty-one percent of Persons 18+ listened to radio while in their cars.
Over the course of a week, radio reaches over 230 million people, or 93 percent of all persons aged 12 and older.
Nearly 184 million people, or 74 percent of all Persons 12+, tune to radio on Saturday or Sunday.
These are findings from the latest RADAR radio network audience report, which measures 56 radio networks.