25+ New HD Radio Products at CES

Convention opens Thursday
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This week's Consumer Electronics Show features at least a couple of dozen new HD Radio products.

IBiquity Digital Corp. says its digital radio technology can be found in numerous product categories, including mobile/portable, automotive, HiFi tuners and docking systems/tabletops.

Cydle plans a high-end portable navigation device with HD Radio for audio and also HD Radio data for Real Time Traffic data.

In Las Vegas this week, those walking the exhibit halls are getting a preview of commercialized HD Radio Advanced Services such as real-time traffic and image support, which includes album art, station branding and advertiser-generated images.

IBiquity President/CEO Bob Struble wrote in his latest column (featured in our Jan. 1 issue.) "There is a reason that Ford's CEO Alan Mulally will keynote again at this year's Consumer Electronics Show. And why most automakers and their Tier One suppliers will be there, with booths or walking the CES floor. It's because the modern car has become a virtual consumer electronics playground, and CES has grown almost as important to car makers as the Detroit Auto Show."

Also prominent is iTunes Tagging. The service enables a listener to press a button and capture song information for later purchase. Car buyers will see factory installed iTunes Tagging in cars in 2010.

There may be news on the digital satellite radio front this week as well. After having a small space at the 2009 CES, Sirius/XM has a larger exhibit presence in the exhibit hall for 2010. Satwaves.com is speculating the satellite radio company is changing its entire product line for 2010.


HD Radio at CES and Products You'll See Later This Year

I go to the CES show in person and see the new digital receivers first-hand, before broadcasters see them at the April NAB. I thought I'd share some of my impressions as well as comments from radio engineers and transmission manufacturer reps I ran into in the exhibit halls at the big show, which recently wrapped up.