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25-Seven Introduces Audio Time Manager

25-Seven Introduces Audio Time Manager

Radio World got the industry’s initial peek this week at Audio Time Manager, the first product from a new Massachusetts-based company that is targeting the U.S. radio broadcast market.
25-Seven is headed by President Geoff Steadman, who said the ATM will let radio stations shift live broadcast content in real time without compromising sound quality.
In a visit and demo at RW’s offices, he said the company hopes to begin shipping the product within 90 days of the NAB show and will demostrate it in its booth in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. It will retail for $7,950 and be sold direct by the company.
25-Seven Systems was recently founded by Steadman, Derek Pilkington, Rick Sawyer, Neil Glassman, Barry Demchak and Barry Blesser. Several are familiar to radio equipment buyers from management stints with other suppliers.
The company said the new Audio Time Manager uses time compression algorithms and a Time/Rate Management Calculator that squeeze more time out of the broadcast day.
Steadman said in the company’s announcement, “By allowing you to delay the start of live programs and shorten their duration in real time, ATM puts you in control of your broadcast schedule to accommodate the unexpected or create additional availabilities on an on-going basis. Imagine not having to rush to backtime to the network news, or slipping in a severe weather update at a floating network break, all without loss of content.”
The company says the product does not remove important content, change pitch or damage inflection. Steadman said several minutes can be added in an hour without artifacts.