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2wcom Supplies DAB+ Networks in Netherlands

FlexXtract+ provides IP distribution for four regional digital radio networks

Four regional DAB+ networks built by Broadcast Partners went to air in the Netherlands in May, all of which were installed with 2wcom’s FlexXtract+ DAB+ distribution extractor.

With the four networks covering the entirety of the country over IP, the FlexXtract+ adds resilience to the distribution.

“Choosing 2wcom as our supplier made it possible to jointly design a technical solution that perfectly answers our high standard needs for compactness, quality and efficiency, with the flexibility and robustness we expected,” said Jeroen Millenaar, Broadcast Partners’ network engineer.

Broadcast Partner used two EDI streams to increase the robustness of the distribution, which also exploits the FlexXtract technology’s ability to reorder the activated FEC and spreading of IP packets in the EDI stream, explains 2wcom.

Broadcast Partner is expected to launch a fifth regional network in the fall.