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3 Million HD Radio Receivers Sold to Date, iBiquity Says

Through three quarters of this fiscal year, 1.2 million units

Ibiquity Digital President/CEO Bob Struble says more than 3 million HD Radio receivers are in the market and that the pace of sales continues to grow.

Updating Radio World on the status of the consumer side of the HD Radio rollout, he estimated sales for the first three quarters of this fiscal year at 1.2 million receivers. He characterized receiver sales overall as achieving strong growth across all segments, with the introduction of portables as encouraging.

Struble also reiterated the company’s recent comments that it feels it has passed a “critical mass” point in at least one segment, namely the automotive aftermarket, where iBiquity estimates some 438,000 OEM units being sold in the first three quarters of this fiscal year, more than the four prior years combined.

He also says there are now at least seven FM stations airing HD4 channels. The first such combo gained attention earlier this year when CBS announced a “quadcast” sports strategy for WJFK(FM) in Washington.