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360 Systems Releases High-Speed Short/cut

360 Systems Releases High-Speed Short/cut

360 Systems has released Short/cut 2000, an improved high-speed model of its popular Short/cut editing system.
The company said editing operations are many times faster than the original recorder/editor. Its speed is described as virtually instantaneous, “so even the most demanding editing projects can be completed in record time.”
A series of Short/cut 2000 upgrade kits is available to current owners of Short/cuts. For earlier models, the kit includes many features added in recent years, as well as the high-speed operation of the new 2000 model. Features include adjustable length cross-fades, gain adjustment, fade-in and fade-out, external AES sync and file-interchange in WAV, BWF and AIFF formats.
Short/cut editors of recent vintage may upgrade for high-speed operation only. The 2000 upgrade kits include new software, hardware, and a revised operations manual. Upgrade kits can be ordered from 360 Systems at (818) 991-0360.
Paul J. McLane