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‘Analog Switch Off’ Studied in TV

'Analog Switch Off' Studied in TV

Some TV stations are deciding whether to turn off their analog stations earlier than mandated as they transition to digital.
The Association of Public Television Stations will explore the circumstances under which public TV stations could embrace a hard date for an analog switch off. APTS President/CEO John Lawson stated there are “major advantages” to converting to digital transmission only, including savings to member stations of $36 million a year in electricity.
“Above all, embracing ASO would allow public television to focus all of our energy and resources on the future, not on a dying analog distribution system,” he stated.
The group is talking to others, including commercial broadcasters, about an alliance to push for the analog switch off.
“Any plan we come up with has to avoid turning off free television. Instead, we must create marketplace incentives for consumers to purchase DTV receivers for free digital television,” he said.
Berlin, Germany, became the first market in the world to totally switch off analog TV last August.