'apt-X Live' Unveiled; Digital Wireless Said to Benefit

'apt-X Live' Unveiled; Digital Wireless Said to Benefit
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APT has introduced apt-X Live, an audio coding technology aimed at live performance applications.
The company said Shure Inc. has licensed the algorithm and called the deal "commercially and strategically" significant. The news comes as APT is exhibiting at the AES show in San Francisco this week.
APT touts apt-X Live for its audio quality, low latency and error resilience. Managing Director Noel McKenna said the algorithm uses the same architectural principles as the apt-X line and offers a compression ratio of 8:1. In listening tests, the company said, participants were unable to discern any difference between 24-bit/48kHz PCM Audio and apt-X Live.
APT believes it will find strong interest in makers of digital wireless audio, including microphone and headset manufacturers.


Creative Will Use Apt-X

APT inked a technology agreement with Creative, a supplier of digital entertainment products, for the use of apt-X audio codec technology in Creative's consumer electronics.