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‘Breakthrough’ Artist List to Use Monitoring Technology

'Breakthrough' Artist List to Use Monitoring Technology

Another application of evolving verification technology has emerged. Frequency Media said it is creating a list of the top 10 breakthrough artists getting airplay on national college and non-commercial radio. The Breakthrough Artist Chart will appear at and is available free to media.
Frequency Media will use monitoring technology of its parent, Mediaguide, which was formed in 2002 with ASCAP to monitor radio and TV stations and identify music and ads being played.
The monitored airplay chart will identify performers “outside of the mainstream who are receiving the most frequent airplay on more than 250 college, community and public radio stations.”
The company considers this the “first third-party, non-biased source for this information, generated from actual non-commercial radio airplay, the key to gaining reliable insight into new and emerging artists.”