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‘Do Not Call’ Authorization Bounces Back and Forth

'Do Not Call' Authorization Bounces Back and Forth

Some regulators are unhappy with a second court ruling knocking down the do-not-call registry. A federal court in Colorado has agreed with the telemarketing industry and ruled against the do-not-call registry.
“This decision wasn’t just disappointing to millions of Americans, it was fundamentally flawed, stated FCC Chairman Michael Powell. “We strongly believe the Do Not Call list withstands constitutional scrutiny.”
Powell said the FCC would join the FTC in taking every appropriate legal measure to make sure the registry, which 50 million consumers signed, goes into effect.
House Commerce Committee Chairman Billy Tauzin, R-La, and ranking member John Dingell, D-Mich. were disappointed. “Putting your name on the do-not-call list is no different than hanging a ‘no solicitation’ sign on your front door. This issue is not about speech, it is about American citizens deciding who they let into the privacy of their homes,” they stated.
Earlier this week, both houses of Congress passed legislation giving the FTC the authority to create and enforce a national do-not-call registry.
The Colorado court found the registry to be an unconstitutional regulation of speech. Earlier this week, a different court found the registry exceeded the authority of the Federal Trade Commission.