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‘Focus’ Says Standards Have Broken Down at FCC

'Focus' Says Standards Have Broken Down at FCC

The debate over language in broadcasts continues to develop.
Focus on the Family wants Congress to “clean house” at the FCC. The organization, which produces religious radio programming, issued a statement complaining of a “total breakdown of standards” at the commission. It called for Congress to remove officials responsible “for allowing the public airwaves to become poisoned by vulgarity and indecency.”
Vice President of Public Policy Tom Minnery issued the statement, prompted by a Fox TV broadcast this month of the Billboard Music Awards. In it, he said, “during which Nicole Richie used the words ‘cowsh-t’ and ‘f—ing.’ The words were aired live and unedited in most time zones, but were ‘bleeped’ on West Coast feeds.”
“Each year, TV broadcasters grow bolder and bolder, but the FCC acts as if nothing is happening.”
He cited an earlier FCC ruling in which the commission said a curse word used by singer Bono on-air was not indecent.