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'Getting Out the Vote' Broadcast-Style

'Getting Out the Vote' Broadcast-Style
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Clear Channel radio and TV stations "are empowering listeners to register to vote," with stations directing listeners to their Web sites and with representatives of the League of Women Voters at Clear Channel events to sign up voters.
"We're reaching kids where we find them," said spokeswoman Lisa Dollinger of the "Declare Yourself" campaign.
Oscar Joyner, the president and COO of Reach Media, said Tom Joyner's show incorporates voter registration at its live "Sky Shows" 30 times a year. The shows draw up to 6,000 people and voter registration is part of each event.
He said 100,000 African-American voters have been registered at these events.
Dollinger and Joyner spoke during a panel discussion at NAB's Service to America event.


Gay Radio Gets a Coming Out

Many ethnic or interest groups now can find a place on the dial that plays their tunes. For some programmers the next logical population segment to merit a targeted format is the gay, lesbian and bi-sexual/transgender community.