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‘Health Rhythms’ Is Free to Stations

'Health Rhythms' Is Free to Stations

Producers are hoping to get the word out about a new radio health program that is available free to stations.
“Health Rhythms,” an independently produced show, aims to motivate audiences to “maximize their health potential; promote candid exchanges with healthcare providers … and provide a voice to … those most impacted by healthcare disparities.”
It recently debuted on the Voice of America and the American Forces Network.
Produced in the San Francisco Bay area, it is distributed to stations and networks in exchange for airplay. Each program is a 90-second module, with 250 modules slated for production per year. A typical week may include items about obesity and diabetes, tattoo removal, breast and prostate cancers, smoking cessation, dental pain, pediatric AIDS and healthcare disparities.
“This is truly an all-American health show, as our first-person stories reflect current American demographics,” said Christopher Springmann, executive producer of “Health Rhythms.”