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‘High Def’ Gets Coverage in Houston

'High Def' Gets Coverage in Houston

Ibiquity officials take pains to point out to reporters that their HD Radio technology is not called “high definition” anything, despite the apparent acronym.
But many news media, perhaps understandably, have a hard time with that concept.
Cox station KLDE(FM) in Houston is enjoying coverage of its digital transition. But local ABC TV station KTRK’s news report on this, which comes to our attention via Radio Daily News, seems to get the concept a little confused:
“…The Houston oldies station promises one of the clearest-sounding signals in the city,” the TV station reports on its Web site. “Like abc13 and other TV stations in the area, KLDE is now broadcasting in High Definition or HD …”
TV, radio, HD Radio, high-def … what’s the diff?
In any event, to see how KLDE is positioning its HD Radio transition, see the online news story about it at: