'Jack' Takes an 'Arrow' in L.A., Emphasizes Variety

'Jack' Takes an 'Arrow' in L.A., Emphasizes Variety
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Electric. Lite. Alice. Warm. Star. Froggy. Kicks. Hot. Arrow. How many past radio format nicknames can you name?
The latest is Jack. Infinity has launched "JACK-FM" with the slogan "playing what we want" on KCBS(FM), former classic rocker Arrow 93.1, in L.A.
What is Jack? The company calls it a "diverse playlist of music from the past four decades" including the Rolling Stones, Prince, Aerosmith, U2, Bob Marley and REM.
Kevin Weatherly is PD. The station's VP/GM Jeff Federman said in the announcement, "Tremendous variety and less repetition go against traditional wisdom, but it is the key to success with Jack-FM."