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‘Light’ Version of rfInvestigator Offered

'Light' Version of rfInvestigator Offered

A new software tool is targeted at single-station owners and smaller engineering offices.
rfInvestigator-Light is based on rfSoftware’s professional rfInvestigator, but the company says it is a fraction of the cost.
The company hopes engineers will appreciate the mapping capabilities of rfInvestigator-light and that 30-second terrain and LULC data are included. Users can create contours for 73.215 and NCE applications.
With the “Contour Manager,” multiple stations’ contours to be displayed and manipulated. An easy to use manual antenna tool for DA design will output the design in a format that can be sent directly to the manufacturer.
rfInvestigator-Light retails for $495 and rfInvestigator is $4,995. If the user upgrades from one to the other, the original purchase price is applied. Info: