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‘Meet the Press’ Returns to Radio Roots

'Meet the Press' Returns to Radio Roots

“Meet the Press,” which started on radio in the 1940s, can be heard on the dial more widely starting May 23. Westwood One and NBC News are bringing what they say is the longest-running network TV show; hosted by Tim Russert, back to radio.
The show has been broadcast via C-Span Radio; but the syndication announcement means it now takes a higher profile on radio.
The one-hour program will air Sundays at noon Eastern and be re-fed at 3 and 6 p.m. It began on TV in 1947 but actually debuted two years earlier as a radio program with Martha Rountree and Lawrence Spivak as producers. There have been nine moderators since. Russert is in his 12th year.
Westwood One, managed by Infinity, produces and distributes NBC News Radio. COO Chuck Bortnick said the deal is an extension of the company’s “growing relationship” with NBC. Stations clearing the program include WTNT(AM) in Washington, KTRH(AM) in Houston, WTKK(FM) in Boston, KSL(AM) in Salt Lake City and KMBZ(AM) in Kansas City.