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‘Radio Wayne’ Silent Auction Raises Nearly $26,000

'Radio Wayne' Silent Auction Raises Nearly $26,000

The now annual “Radio Wayne” Silent Auction, held during RAB2002 in Orlando, Fla., raised $25,602 to benefit The Broadcasters’ Foundation and the Roaring Fork Conservancy. The auction honors the late radio executive “Radio Wayne” Cornils who served with the RAB and the NAB until his death in 2000.
The Broadcasters’ Foundation assists broadcasters and their families in times of need. The Roaring Fork Conservancy is an environmental group that protects the rivers and habitat of the Roaring Fork Valley in western Colorado, a favorite fly-fishing spot of the late Cornils. RAB President/CEO Gary Fries said the auction, now in its third year, would be a permanent fixture at the annual RAB conference. “This is a continuing legacy to the loves and the life of Wayne,” said Fries.