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‘TellUsTheTruth Tour’ Kicks Off in NYC

'TellUsTheTruth Tour' Kicks Off in NYC

AFTRA, Common Cause and Future of Music are sponsoring a concert and discussion group this Saturday (Nov. 22) in New York City to highlight media consolidation issues and how they impact recording artists. The event is called the “TellUsTheTruth Tour.”
Artists scheduled to perform include: Billy Bragg, Tom Morello (The Nightwatchman), Steve Earle, Boots Riley from The Coup, Lester Chambers and Jill Sobule. From AFTRA: Dan Ingram, radio deejay and Roberta Reardon, President, AFTRA-NY.
The discussion precedes the concert at Webster Hall, 125 E. 11th St.. Janeane Garofalo hosts the event. Tickets are $25 from Ticketmaster or at the box office.