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400+ AM Stations Are Using Translators

Broadcasters are ‘embracing’ the FCC ruling

In releasing its latest industry revenue estimates, BIA/Kelsey also shone a light on how wide the use of FM translators has become for AM stations.

“The ‘Investing In Radio Market Report’ includes in its comprehensive market-to-market comparisons more than 400 AM radio stations across the country that are using FM translators to improve their nighttime coverage areas,” it stated.

“Huntsville, Ala., for example, currently has five AM stations using translators to rebroadcast on another frequency to cover areas not adequately served by their main signal. In addition, FM HD multicast stations are rebroadcasting in analog to expand their audiences.”

BIA/Kelsey’s Mark Fratrik said radio stations “are embracing the FCC’s 2009 ruling allowing retransmission through the use of FM translators. It’s an innovative way to broaden their reach, provide more options to listeners in the market and appeal to advertisers.”