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500 for JacAPPS

Milestone also marks 11.5 million downloads

App developer jacAPPS, part of the Jacobs Media market research (and more) empire, has announced a couple of suitably impressive milestones, 500 apps developed and 11.5 million downloads of those apps.

Company President Fred Jacobs noted that the 2008 impetus for jacAPPS came out of the company’s annual Techsurveys, which “pointed the way to the smartphone revolution and the explosion of the app culture.”

Since then clients have included Entercom, Greater Media, Cox, Lincoln Financial on the broadcasting end and content providers ranging from K-Love, Car Talk and C-SPAN Radio to the Detroit International Jazz Festival and Taste of Atlanta food festival.

A release describes jacAPPS as designing and building: “…apps for a wide array of business categories and industries, including festivals, events, sports brands, and other verticals. JacAPPS also works with advertising agencies as an outsource provider that connects their clients with the mobile opportunity. JacAPPS has created custom apps for the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry platforms.”