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What would WWV sound like as ‘The Tick’?

“Word on the street is that the National Institute of Standards and Technology is close to signing a Lease Management Agreement with Clear Channel Communications Inc. for its flagship Time and Frequency station WWV, Fort Collins, Colo.”

Not really. But WWV lovers will enjoy this one. Audio production and voiceover provider Low Noise Productions has some fun with WWV — “all the time, all the time” — speculating what the station would sound like if it were reformatted by commercial radio programmers as “The Tick.”

“WWV’s traditional modulation level of 50 percent for the steady tones, 50 percent for the BCD time code and 75 percent for the voice announcements was deemed ‘not loud enough.’ WWV’s Program Director Hickory Zeitgeist says that the station has already added some snappy new announcements to the rotation.”

Here tis.