A 3rd Vehicle Emergency Signal Device Proposed

A 3rd Vehicle Emergency Signal Device Proposed
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The deadline to file public comments at the FCC is coming up Feb. 12 on a petition to authorize an emergency vehicle signaling service. A device by
Alert Devices International would use low-power signal in the terrestrial broadcast radio bands to alert drivers that an emergency vehicle was approaching, overriding the broadcast signal being received by the driver. ADI units would deactivate during an EAS transmission.
The FCC did not grant authorizations to similar services proposed earlier by Alertcast and Safety Cast.


Vehicle Signal Services Test, and Remain Hopeful

The companies developing emergency vehicle signaling services say they are moving forward - despite opposition from the NAB and SBE, and slowness on the part of the FCC to allow the companies to test the technology in this country.

AdiCorp Redesigns EVSS Device

One of the companies developing an Emergency Vehicle Signaling Service believes it will soon have new test data to convince critics the technology is viable.

FCC Modifies Unlicensed Devices Rules

The FCC has modified Parts 2 and 15 of its rules for unlicensed devices and equipment approval, it says, to provide more efficient equipment authorization of existing modular transmitter devices and emerging partitioned modular transmitter devices.