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A Big Weekend for IAB

Interactive advertising group announces a Data Council and a code of conduct

It was one major event after another for the Interactive Advertising Bureau this past weekend.

During its fourth Annual Leadership Meeting in La Quinta, Calif., the marketing collective announced the Data Council, which provides an environment for members to discuss the practice of data collection as it relates to their trade.

The council is an extension of the IAB’s Data Usage and Control Taskforce created in 2009. Its initial areas of concern will address what IAB considers misinformation surrounding data gathering and usage, clarifying the types of data that can be gathered through media buying and creating a standard set of terms used for data segmentation and data sources.

A primer on IAB’s data control and usage is available online.

The group’s board of directors also adopted a code of conduct, which expands the Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising (known as “The Principles”) released in 2009. Current members have six months to comply with the Code, new members will be given three months upon joining the IAB. The Code is available online.

Eleven new board members were announced, representing such media giants as CBS Interactive, Forbes Media, Facebook and Condé Nast Media Group. IDG Communications CEO Bob Carrigan was named chairman of the board of directors, though the designation was made this past January.

The IAB also helped launch a program to develop digital metrics and cross-platform measurement solutions. Titled “Making Measurement Make Sense,” the joint initiative also includes the Association of National Advertisers and the American Association of Advertising Agencies.

Reaching out to management consulting firm Bain & Company and strategic advisory firm MediaLink for support, the organizations hope to generate a consistent approach to measuring and assessing the effects of digital media.