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A Chat With Bay Country

Scarborough's company, now 10 years old, specializes in used gear
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Supply Side is a series of occasional articles about broadcast industry suppliers.

Bay Country Broadcast Equipment Inc. buys and sells used radio broadcast equipment and recently noted its 10th anniversary. A visit to its Web site on a typical day showed gear from manufacturers such as Comrex, Belar, Aphex Systems, Harris, Audio-Technica, Autogram, Sine Systems, Scala, Marti, Musicam USA and Titus Labs.

RW asked founder Steve Scarborough for some background.

RW: How did the company get started, and why?
Scarborough: It was started with the notion that radio broadcasters needed a place to go to be able to purchase quality used equipment with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. I have been taking care of sales and support personally for over 10 years.

RW: What's your own background, prior to this?
Scarborough: I started out with David Green Broadcast Consultants in 1984 as warehouse manager, and eventually received the opportunity to move into new equipment sales.

RW: How has the nature of your business changed in the time since you launched it?
Scarborough: The nature of the business has not changed. Our customers are still looking for a good deal on used equipment. The only thing that does change is the equipment. I have to keep up with the new technology since it will be in demand on the used side.

RW: How has HD Radio affected your business? How has the current national economy affected it?
Scarborough: HD Radio has increased the supply of equipment available for sale from the stations that upgraded.
We are doing our part to help out in this sluggish economy. Everyone is looking for a way to save money and we can accommodate them with a piece of equipment to meet their needs at a substantial savings.
InfoBay Country Broadcast Equip. Inc.
7117 Olivia Rd.
Baltimore, MD 21220

Phone: (877) 722-1031 toll free
Web: www.baycountry.com/used_equipment.html
RW: Where did you learn to service the gear you buy and sell?
Scarborough: The knowledge has been gained mostly from hands-on experience. If we have an issue that can't be resolved here we have an array of repair facilities to use. Sending a piece of equipment back to a manufacturer for repair or upgrades is also utilized.

RW: What's the most gratifying sale or project you've been involved in?
Scarborough: There is no single one that stands out. I am are very thankful for all of the terrific customers who have purchased equipment from me.

RW: What are terms for someone who wants to buy?
Scarborough: I sell our equipment on a cash basis; that can be accomplished with either a check in advance, credit card or on some occasions COD.

RW: And for the seller?
Scarborough: I typically e-mail a purchase order to the client to have backup paperwork for the transaction. When we receive the equipment we ask for three to seven days to have ample time to check the gear in. Once this is done we issue a company check to them. We have also used PayPal on some transactions.

RW: What else might a Radio World reader want to know?
Scarborough: Our Web site is the best place to see the most up to date list of quality used equipment available. It is updated every weekday.


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