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A ‘Green’ Tale for Desert Station

K-FAT employs solar power in Arizona.

In these days of rising power and gas prices, more stations are going “green.”

I heard from Chris Rolando, president/CEO of Murphy Broadcasting, who says KFTT(FM) in Bagdad, Ariz. — “K-FAT” — is about the “greenest” radio station there is.

The 900 watt Class C3 facility runs 100% solar at its transmitter site and uses solar power for its STL.

Soon, the company will add about 180 solar panels to the roof of the adjoining, co-owned bar and grill to feed power to the studio.

The station, which has been on the air for nine months, sits in rough terrain amid mountains. “It’s hard to truck in diesel here, and the roads are steep,” Rolando said. It had a generator fueled by propane as a back-up to the solar powered system.

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