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A Jellied Future?

Listener-driven playlist interface makes inroads

Is it a phase or is it the future?

Content syndicator Triton Media has taken Jelli into its stable. Jelli is a Web-based station playlist interface accessible to station listeners; Jellied stations are controlled by listener input.

Triton Media announced that 10 FM stations have signed on as Jelli clients including WBOS(FM), Boston; WPST(FM), Philadelphia and WJBX(FM), Fort Myers, Fla.

None of the stations has committed to a 24/7 Jelli roll. Most are using it for evening or weekend parts and overnight blocks

CBS Radio Senior Vice President and Market Manager Dave McDonald stated in the announcement: “We were excited about the success of Jelli’s initial launch in San Francisco and are now putting X107.5 Las Vegas in the hands of the listeners, allowing them to control the broadcast in real time.” That’s KXTE(FM).

Jelli’s specifics include listener control of the playlist, the ratings of songs and “Gong Show”-style mid-song rejection.