A Look at Chester Davenport and the Satellite Merger

The push behind Georgetown Partners.
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RW was among the first to report on the push from Georgetown Partners for an alternate use of the satellite radio spectrum.

Who’s the push behind Georgetown Partners?

“Give Chester Davenport credit for changing the debate about the future of satellite radio.” Ars Technica profiles him in its story “Black Millionaire Wants Minority-Owned Satellite Radio Network.”


Congress to Probe Satellite Merger

A new congressional antitrust task force will hold a hearing next week on the proposed merger of radio subscription companies XM and Sirius, according to a statement from House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers, D-Mich.

Quass on Satellite Merger

“Let’s be clear: Radio broadcasters do not compete in the national market of the satellite radio companies, but XM and Sirius do compete in the local radio markets.”