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A “More Customizable” Slacker on Verizon

New ringtone, ringback service can be personalized

Internet audio service Slacker is offering Verizon wireless customers ringtones and ringback tones.

These can be customized with music from Slacker stations.

Slacker Radio DJs craft “hundreds” of customizable stations, according to the company. Verizon customers can register with Slacker to use its customized ringtone and ringback service; a full Slacker subscription isn’t required.

Slacker Radio CEO Duncan Orrell-Jones says the service offers customers a way to “add a unique personal touch to their phones.”

Verizon will charge customers $2.00 a month for the new service offering customers unlimited access to Slacker Radio Tones, downloads and the ability to set up to 25 ringback tones and assign those to specific contacts.